The Coast of La Gomera

Evidence of the island’s volcanic beginnings is visible everywhere – most notably in the black lava sand on its coasts and in the bizarre rock formations which abound here. The sea in this part of the world is wild and unspoilt which means it is not uncommon to see whales and dolphins diving for the fish found in the rich fishing grounds off the coast. Sharks, you will be glad to know, tend to avoid the coasts around the archipelago!

The National Park »Garajonay« of La Gomera

Sharing a name with the island’s highest mountain, the »Garajonay« National Park has much to quicken the heart of any nature-lover , including often bizarre-shaped trees, the island’s mist-shrouded laurel forest and, everywhere you look, the most breathtaking views. Without doubt the best way to get to know this fascinating natural environment is to join a National Park guided tour.

Beautiful Locations of La Gomera

It is definitely worth striking out on your own to explore the many beautiful villages on this island. Their stunning location and the fine architecture here, including the many colonial-style buildings, give these small communities a special and unique charm. By far the best way to take in the many delightful village squares and pretty little streets is to explore them at your own pace.

The Plant World of La Gomeras

There are very few places in the world where you will find such a concentration of archaic plants, almost a fifth of them are endemic species - in other words, are only found in this location. The island’s evergreen laurel forest dates back to the Tertiary Period and still thrives today, whereas in Europe, for example, such forests were wiped out during the Ice Age. This area is a paradise for nature-lovers with an inexhaustible supply of natural wonders just waiting to be discovered.

The Animal World of La Gomeras

There are no poisonous animals on Gomera – no scorpions or snakes! - only the very few mammals who arrived on the island along with the first settlers. But there are numerous invertebrates, countless bird species and a rich marine fauna.  Worth mentioning are the many types of lizard here, the largest of which (up to 50 cm long) was thought for a long time to have become extinct. As anywhwere, you may occasionally come across annoying insects, such as mosquitoes.

Valleys (Vallehermoso)

A characteristic feature of the island are its barrancos – unique valleys cut deep into the rocks of this mountainous island and where, for many years now, the local inhabitants have planted picturesque terraces – similar to those seen in Bali – to make the land farmable. In the north these terraces lend the countryside a deep, lush green, while the fascinating and bizarre rock formations found in the south of the island offer myriad of shades of colour.

Sunrises and Sunsets of La Gomera

The skies above La Gomera are beautifully clear and the absence of smog or light pollution means the heavens look quite spectacular. In fact, stunning sunrises and sunsets are an almost daily treat on this island and it is always worth changing your seating arrangements to allow yourself the very best perspective!

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